• Choir Arts Academy

    Welcome to Choir!

    My name is Bethany Ring, and I am the choir director here at Greiner. We have a longstanding tradition of excellence in singing, and every year at competitions our singers show up and prove that Greiner is a wonderful place to receive a well-rounded music education. Your student will learn everything from Classical techniques to Broadway and Pop singing. We offer a variety of different choirs for students to participate from beginning to advanced. We have Men’s Choirs, Women’s Choir, Pop Groups, and more, to offer a diverse educational experience. My goal is to have something for everyone. On top of that, we also offer free private voice lessons to help our students get ready for the next step of life, whether that is Booker T or something else. My personal goal as a choir director is to instill a love of music into your children and help them learn how to create and experience the power of music daily. We sing music from different cultures and time periods throughout history. Doing this helps us be more empathetic towards others as we understand them and experience their world through music. It is a powerful and wonderful thing that can bring people together. We also learn about music literacy and reading music fluently. It is super important that students progress through my program, and that they learn the technical side of music as well as the historical background. We give multiple concerts a year to showcase our student's amazing talent, both as a choir but also as soloists. There is something for everyone.


    Please know, if your student does not have any background in singing, that is not an issue! I get beginning musicians every year in my program and we work hard to get them caught up and singing beautifully! The audition process is very simple. They will do a little warm-up that I will teach them, so I can see their vocal range, and then they will sing either “Row Row Row Your Boat” or “Are you Sleeping”. This gives me the opportunity to hear their voice sing something they can prepare. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the email address below.

    All the Best,

    Bethany Ring