• Visual Arts Academy

    Thank you for your interest in the Greiner Visual Arts Department! 

    Our Visual Arts program is designed as a three-year curriculum. Beginning in 6th Grade, students develop their art-making skills in a broad range of media and styles. Throughout the program, students grow in their understanding of art, art careers, and artistic practices as they develop high-level portfolios with the goal of using their portfolios for entrance into higher learning art-related programs.

    To have a successful audition, students should prepare a high-quality portfolio in advance. The portfolio artwork should show evidence of the student’s learning in art. Your best resource for artwork is your elementary school art teacher. Of course, any other learning opportunities your student has experienced can be added to their portfolios, as well.

    ** High quality does not mean expensive materials! Canvases, frames, or mats are NOT required or even encouraged.

    The quality of the artwork in the portfolio, your student’s ability to express what they have learned, and their motivation to improve their skills while attending The Greiner Arts Academy are the most important factor to a successful audition.

    Ms. Michelle Lee

    Arts Academy Director