All students who qualify for transportation services must register during the electronic school enrollment process. Parents/ guardians will answer a yes/no question on the enrollment form indicating whether or not they need transportation services. This is a simple yes/ or question on the enrollment form which is then captured in the Student Information System (Power School).  Additional steps are necessary for students in Special Education Services or Choice School Programs.  


    Choice Schools

    Once the enrollment process for school has been completed and the student has been accepted to a Choice school, additional information is needed in order to provide transportation services. Complete the form linked below to let us know which Choice school the student will be attending and which stop is most convenient for pick up and drop off.



    Special Education Students Requiring Transportation Services per IEP 

    Students enrolled in Special Education programs which require transportation services must request transportation during the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee meeting. The request is loaded into the system and the transportation office will contact the parent once the bus and route information is ready for the student.  This can take 3 - 5 days to process.   


    Changing a NO to a Yes on the Student Information System 

    If the parent/ guardian selected "NO" to the transportation question during enrollment and transportation is now needed, the no must be changed to a yes.  This occurs at the campus level with the data controller / school registrar who can make that change in power school.  Once the student is enrolled in transportation they may ride the bus and routing information becomes available on the E-Link system.