• Neighborhood School Bus Stops and Routes

    Bus Stop and Bus Routes by Calendar  with estimated arrival times 


    Bus Stop - All students who use district transportation shall board buses at authorized stops. CNA (LOCAL) Authorized bus stops shall be designated annually by the Superintendent of Schools or designee. Bus drivers shall load and unload passengers only at authorized stops. Students may not ride a bus to get to a destination other than the school for which they are enrolled.  

    Bus Route - All approved bus routes must transport only eligible students and monitors approved by the District. CNA (LOCAL) 

    Please use the Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System to find your child's route information.   For information on how to access the Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System please click here

    Find Your Bus Stop Here  - This search is specific to the grade level and home address provided. The system will provide route number with bus arrival time in the a.m. as well as arrival time in the p.m. 


    The Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System can also be used to find your child's route information.   Information for Choice Schools is not found on this system. 

      Route Sample


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    Use the following tools to stay connected with Student Transportation Services.  

    BUS BULLETIN A notification system that immediately informs parents of any bus delays through text messages, voice mails, and / or emails. 

    E - LINK Provides parents with their student(s) transportation information including: stop time, stop location, and route number.

    MYSTOP MOBILE APP Allows parents to view student's live bus location within a ten-minute window of projected bus arrival time.  

    LET'S TALK Allows our community to directly send us questions, comments, and feedback regarding Student Transportation Services.