• FYIs & FAQs for New Students - 2021

    Booker T. is a great place to grow as a student and artist...However, it can be a little overwhelming before you even get through the front doors! Here you'll find answers to most of your questions and, hopefully, clarify your confusions. If you're still not sure about something, just ask! We're so excited to have you here at Booker T. and we make sure there's always someone here to help.

    Before School Starts...

    Parents that are new to Booker T. should make sure to attend the orientation in August. There will be VERY important information given about new graduation requirements.
    FLIGHT School is very important and all new students attend this event.  FLIGHT School is a fantastic way to learn more about Booker T. from your new peers. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are fused with new students to help them find their classes, learn about the school, meet new people and feel comfortable here at Booker T. Thanks to Flight School, no new student eats alone at lunch—which we all know is the worst part of the first week!!   They will also meet with their Conservatory Coordinator that day for a very important meeting.  Lunch will be served. 
    Schedule for Flight School - will arrive in a separate mailing.

    Check the website for Summer Assignments!

    Once you're here...

    Stay in the loop! Daily announcements are not only made over the P.A. Make sure that you get connected via Remind so that you receive the announcements.
    Sign up for the BTW Weekly Newsletter HERE!

    PLUS the PTSA and all four of the guilds send emails about school wide AND cluster specific information, so make sure you're on the mailing lists!
    When in doubt, check the website! We do our very best to keep the site and the calendar up to the minute. If you're unsure about an event, or who to contact just check the website.

    Daily Announcements
    Text @btwdaily to 81010

    Weekly Newsletter
    Sign up at bit.ly/bookertnewsletter


    For Text Alerts: Text @btwpalerts to 81010 
    or for Email Alerts: Go to http://remind.com/join/btwpalerts


    Freshmen Text @btwco24 to 81010
    Sophomores Text @btwco23 to 81010
    Juniors Text @btwco22 to 81010
    Seniors Text @btwco21 to 81010

    Emergency Texts

    Text @btw911 to 81010