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    "Research Tips for Students 

    • Sweet Search: Instead of using Google, which contains information that is not always credible, use Sweet Search, an academic search engine whose results are vetted by scholars and experts.


    • Google Books: Take advantage of this database of millions of digitally scanned books and magazines from libraries around the world.


    • Works Cited: Open up a blank Google Doc (or Microsoft Word Doc) where you can quickly paste a citation copied from a database.


    • Database Tools: Become familiar with the tools on each of the school’s databases. The most important ones are the citation tool, the date limiter, and the icon that saves an article to Google Drive or your computer file.


    • Search Terms: Practice finding different words or phrases for keywords used in your information search. If you’re having trouble, Google a term to find similar words commonly used to discuss it.


    • Purdue OWL: Explore this comprehensive website that will help you check format, style, and many other areas of your research paper."
      • Resource: 
      • Greenberg, K. (2021, January 25). The I-Search paper: Getting students excited about research. Knowledge Quest Blogg. https://knowledgequest.aasl.org/the-i-search-paper-getting-students-excited-about-research/