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    Welcome to the Spartan ELA Department!

    Vision and Goals:

    Our vision is to provide the essential knowledge and skills students need to communicate effectively in future collegiate and workplace pursuits. Our goals include:

    • Working collaboratively with our students to meet or exceed district passing rates on high-stakes, local and state assessments, as well as, national college entrance exams;
    • Developing proficient communicators, both orally and in writing, for college and workplace readiness;
    • Implementing engaging and culturally relevant lessons;
    • Ensuring all students are information literate and digitally proficient citizens of a globally competitive society; and, 
    • Meeting state accountability goals of 80% Approaches, 60% Meets, and 20% Masters in student academic performance 

    Courses Offered:

    • English I, English I Pre-AP, ESOL English I Beginning/Intermediate
    • English II, English II Pre-AP, ESOL English II
    • English III, AP Language
    • English IV, AP Literature
    • Reading I & II, ESOL Reading I, Reading II, ESOL Reading II