• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Early College program designed to do?

    The program prepares high school students for college and careers, through personal attention in a "school within a school" environment. Classes are offered that result in both high school and college credits. Successful students will complete high school with a high school diploma and an Associate degree.


    Who is eligible?

    Up to 125 students each year can be part of the Early College High School. The first group accepted were freshmen in August 2012. Early College is ideal for students in the "academic middle," students who may be the first in their families to attend college, and those who are looking for a way to pay for some or all of their college education.


    How do students enroll in Samuell Early College High School?

    Students interested in attending must complete an application and be accepted to Samuell Early College. Students who attend Samuell Early College must be willing to accept the responsibility for their academic growth in a rigorous environment and have the potential to succeed in college classes with the support of a caring faculty.


    Do you accept students entering in the 10th grade?

    We do accept a few students into the 10th grade every year. However, due to graduation requirements a review of student transcripts is required.


    What if my child is entering 11th, or 12th grade -- can he/she still be in the program?

    All students at W.W. Samuell High School and Early College can take dual-credit classes, however they will not be part of the full Early College program.


    Do I have to live within the boundary of Dallas ISD schools for my child to attend?

    No. The program is open to any student living in the Dallas ISD district, or to those outside the boundary. Students who attended private or charter schools those who have been homeschooled are also welcome to apply.


    How much does it cost?

    Early College is FREE for all students!


    What are the academic requirements?

    Early College students will take all required courses for a Texas high school diploma. Dual-credit electives and classes emphasizing study skills and technology are also required. Students must maintain a G. P. A. of 2.0 or above to remain in the program.


    Is transportation provided?

    Bus transportation is provided through Dallas ISD. However, parents may drive their child and students may drive once they have their driver’s license.


    Does Samuell Early College serve meals?

    Dallas ISD Food and Child Nutrition Services provides free breakfast and lunch for our students. Please click for more information.


    How do I apply?

    See your middle school guidance counselor for an application! You can also complete the application online. Apply Now


    Is there any work required outside of school hours?

    Classes take place during regular school hours. Early College students also will be required to take dual credit classes during summer school.


    Can my child participate in extracurricular activities?

    Yes! We encourage participation in athletics and extra-curricular activities offered by Samuell High School.


    Will these be actual college-level classes?

     Classes are taught by highly qualified Dual Credit teachers as well as Eastfield Community College professors.


    Is there homework help or tutoring available?

    Early College students may participate in after-school tutoring offered by their teachers.


    Will my child keep his/her credits earned?

    Yes. All dual credits earned are part of a student's permanent college transcript.


    My child is an advanced/gifted student. Is this program right for him/her?

    Samuell High School and Early College offers dual-credit courses and Advanced Placement credits/classes.


    How can I help my child succeed in Early College?

    Continue to support and encourage your child, and talk to him/her about his college and career plans. The Parent Portal system allows you to check grades, assignments, homework, and attendance to help ensure your student is on track. Please see a counselor if you need a Parent Portal Access code!