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    Good Day Awareness Heighteners!

    We made it!!! Wow! What a year it has been! Looking back on this school year in a pandemic , we have all re-invented ourselves, withstood great challenges, accomplished things we never thought we’d be capable of, AND are completely exhausted and needing to rejuvenate our weary selves.

    How do you rejuvenate? When I ask you that question, what pops into your mind first...that’s truly rejuvenating? Not the quick fix pick me up, but the long lasting spirit-nourishing idea. Please review the newsletter for a lighthearted final issue on empowering self by caring for your mental health.

    With lots of expanding ripples of compassion for all of us,

    Raquel "Kiki" Mariotti, LCSW & Poonam Dubal, PhD

Volume 4 Issue 9

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