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  • Currently Confirmed Virtual Clubs & Activies:


    D.I.* and Lone Star Challenge (Ms. Chapel- 4th Grade Teacher)

    Dual Language (Ms. Benitez- 4th Grade Teacher)

    Model U.N. (Mr. Oathaut- 5th Grade Teacher)

    Chess (Mayes and Soto- 6th Grade Teacher and 7th Grade Teacher)

    Esports (Kelly and McShane- 7th Grade Teacher and 8th Grade Teacher)

    D.I.* And Debate** (Mayfield- 7th Grade Teacher)

    5th Grade Debate** and First Lego League Robotics (4-6 Grades) (Dr. Wilburn- Magnet Coordinator)


    Travis also competes in TMSCA, Pentathlon and Academic UIL.


    *More information about the D.I. club can be found here: https://www.dallasisd.org/Page/24874

    **More information about the Debate club can be found here: https://www.dallasdebate.org/



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