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    Built in 1922, North Dallas High School is the oldest high school building in the city of Dallas; Booker T. Washington High School was established in 1902, but its building was constructed well afterward. By 1925, the school had developed sufficient community loyalty that a district decision to rename the school as Clinton P. Russell High School met with opposition from numerous locals, predominately mothers, who physically blocked the ladders of workmen attempting to make the change, leading the district to rescind its decision the following week. 
    Notable Alumni: 
    Tex Avery - 1926 - famous director of animated shorts; created Daffy Duck and many elements of Bugs Bunny
    Earle Cabell — United States Representative (1965–1973), Dallas mayor (1961–1964)
    Robert "Bob" Brooks Cullum — Dallas civic leader and co-founder of Tom Thumb-Page Food Stores
    Robert Dedman, Sr. — Dallas lawyer and philanthropist who founded ClubCorp, an international company operating golf courses, private clubs, and resorts
    Harold Barefoot Sanders, Jr. — longtime United States District Judge and counsel to President Lyndon B. Johnson who was involved in the desegregation of the DISD
    Jack Walker — state- and national-level athlete who played for Louisiana State University in two of the first three Sugar Bowl football championships