• Digital Media Fair Competition


    Virtual interactive 

    TechFest Showcase

    January 23, 2021



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    This first ever VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE event will showcase some of the ways in which schools are utilizing technology to promote fitness.

    Thanks to an investment by the district’s Health and Physical Education Department in popular tech tools, PE teachers are integrating some of the tech devices into the school PE curriculum to make fitness fun for their students.

    The STEM Health and PE Department invites students, parents and community members to experience

    Tech Fest 2020! 

    Tech Fest will feature a virtual gallery walk and demonstrations that showcase PE teachers and students from several schools performing kinesthetic routines, while explaining how they use the technology provided by the Health and Physical Education Department.

    Devices such as remote controls, cell phones and video games were once examples of the ways technology kept us from moving and staying fit.  However, these days technology is proving to be a boon for fitness fans. Fitbits, pedometers, interactive heart rate monitors and other nutrition/fitness apps have brought fitness into the 21st century.


    You may even learn about a device that will jumpstart your own fitness regimen!


    The Digital Media Fair is a STEM competition open to all Dallas ISD students in grades 4-12.  

    Students are challenged to explore how STEM works in their community and come up with their own creative and unique strategy to improve or enhance health, fitness or sports.