• Music Students Signing Image

    The Music Conservatory at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts has enjoyed decades of providing outstanding music experiences for students. This success has been built upon a strong work ethic and desire to be the eminent high school music program both nationally and internationally.

    Though our music students may enter the building as specialized instrumentalists or vocalists, we want them to access the full potential within their individual and collective selves, and truly view themselves as “music students.” Students are highly encouraged to learn from all teachers on the faculty and collaborate freely between all musical disciplines and genres.

    Students should value and believe:

    - That excellence is the rule at BTWHSPVA.

    - That accepting a position at BTWHSPVA constitutes a commitment to a rigorous course of study in at least one chosen major area.

    - That a strong work ethic is essential for success.

    - That character counts.

    - That good listening skills are imperative in developing musicianship.

    - That students should demonstrate accountability and dependability in whatever they do.


    - That all students are capable of displaying excellence in both music and academic classes.

    Your instructors, who are among the best in their respective fields, are committed to your success. As such, they have adopted the following core values to guide the direction of the Music Conservatory.

    Students can expect from their instructors:- That we instill a high level of musical appreciation in all students.


    Your personal success is based upon the approach you take to your musical studies. Take advantage of the enormous opportunities you have – but don’t take them for granted! You have been accepted to one of the best arts schools in the country, work hard and take responsibility for your success!


    - That it is our job to provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents.

    - That our instructional role is that of a "guide on the side", not the "sage on the stage".

    - That students come first in the decisions we make.

    - That our primary role is to prepare students for success in college and post-secondary opportunities.

    - That high expectations are clearly defined and communicated at every step of a student’s educational career.

    - That we play an essential role in helping students develop a greater sense of personal responsibility.

    - That quality instruction is present in every classroom.