Term What It Means
All School Musical Musical performed at the beginning of the semester with all the conservatories. Auditions are during Spring Semester preceding school year and is open to all grade levels
ARTS Pass Way for parents, students, faculty and supporters to donate to the conservatories and pay for performing arts events in advance, like a season pass to certain performances during the year. to these certain performances, the ARTS Pass will admit 4 people into those shows
Black Box The Brierley Experimental Theater on the 2nd floor of the historic building of the school
BOC Board of Control, manages Activity Funds
BTW Advisory Board They budget, they plan, they believe. So the students can CREATE!
Call Board Bulleting boards near conservatory areas on which information about auditions, crew hours, senior/college matters, and other related postings are made
College Fair Annual event open to all students and parents. Held on Friday afternoon of Senior Showcase week. Colleges host tables with brochure and catalogue information as well as answering questions and providing additional information to parents and students
College/Senior Showcase Seniors in dance, music, theater and visual arts present their portfolios, gallery exhibition, performances, individual presentations and technical layouts to an audience of colleges, universities and conservatories in their quest for admission, scholarship and college degrees in t heir chosen fields. Annual event held in November each school year
Conservatory Ensembles Unique ensemble/company groups which allow students to perform and serve as student ambassadors for the dance, music and theater departments and the school. Must audition to gain membership in the ensemble/company, agree to a one-year commitment of rehearsals and performances, achieve passing grades in both academic and conservatory classes. Auditions are help in the spring each school year
Crew Hours Crew hours are required each semester for all students and will be graded according to the number of hours completed; individual rules vary by Conservatory
Dance Guild Membership group that strives to promote, foster and support the Dance Conservatory and dance students at BTW
GCR Gold Conference Room 2nd floor, Rm 244
Green Room Interior courtyard and amphitheater
Commons Cafeteria
Hudson Foundation Gallery Visual Arts Gallery, 1st Floor Historic Building
Jury Exams These are final exams for Conservatory classes and are 25% of the semester grade
MAT Montgomery Arts Theatre - Main performance hall on campus
Master Classes Special classes offered randomly during the year where nationally known teachers/artists come to the school as guests to offer classes
Music Guild Membership group that strives to promote, foster and support the Music Conservatory and music students at BTW
PTSA Parent Teacher Student Association. Organization designed to promote and encourage parent participation, support of the school and support of the faculty
PTSA Arts Gala Annual PTSA fundraising event, usually held in the spring. Includes silent and live auctions
PEAR Card It is the policy of the school that all students will attend performances and exhibits outside of their own conservatory multiple times throughout school year. This attendance requirement is to encourage students to appreciate and support their peers both inside and out of their conservatory. Students are expected to attend a minimum of one performance/exhibit in each conservatory: two per semester for a total of four per year
SBDM Site Based Decision Making. Committee that works with school administration to help make decisions and implement programs in all areas of the school
Theater Guild Membership group that strives to promote, foster and support the Theater Conservatory and drama students at BTW
Visual Arts Guild Membership group that strives to promote, foster and support the Visual Arts Conservatory and visual arts students at BTW.