• Student Advisory Board


    CJCA Student Leader | Future Police Detective

    “Welcome. My name is Marifer Vargas. I hope to become a police detective. I am excited to serve as your representative. I believe that going to college is important, and I like to play the guitar and play basketball”.
    CJCA Student Leader | Future Criminal Profiler
    “Greetings. My name is Jocelyn Villalpando. I plan on becoming a criminal profiler. I am excited about the opportunity to support my peers on this college journey. I believe that education is a must. I like to paint and play volleyball”.
    CJCA Student Leader | Future Texas Ranger
    “Hello, Everyone. My name is Leonardo Carrera. I plan to become a Texas Ranger. I am proud of my decision to join the academy, and I want to help others pursue their dreams. I like fishing and playing my PlayStation — I play a lot of Call of Duty”.
    CJCA Student Leader | Future Defense Lawyer
    “Hi. My name is Audrey Rubalcava. I plan to become a criminal defense lawyer. Our community is beginning this new chapter, and we all must have a voice. I am looking forward to representing my peer’s opinions. I like to dance, and I enjoy making tie-dye shirts”.