Handling all permanent records and data relating to BTWHSPVA students


    Regular attendance is vital to the quality of a student’s education. Parents are the key in establishing and maintaining punctual, regular attendance habits. Please refer to the Student Handbook for information about attendance, excused and unexcused absences, approved field trips and the time frame for submitting absence information to the Attendance Office.

    If a student is kept home due to illness an automated phone system will call home to notify parent of students absence, if notification has not been received at the attendance office in a timely manner. Student is to bring in an excuse note the following day student return to school.

    Attendance Notes

    Attendance notes can be emailed to BTWAttendance@dallasisd.org. Dallas ISD DOES NOT allow any emails to be filed in students Attendance File and will ONLY ACCEPT hand written notice. Should you have additional questions or concerns please contact Ms. Nancy Gonzalez, Registrar/Attendance at BTWattendance@dallasisd.org or call (972) 925-1205.

    Records Requests

    If you require an Attendance Report, Verification of Enrollment (VOE), Transcripts, Records for DACA, or Records for Social Security. Click here  https://forms.gle/SzBwFdKorxDa1g846 to complete a request.

    Attendance Requirement to Receive Credit in Any Class

    State law requires a student attend 90% of the class periods. That means a student cannot miss more than 10% of the semester days of a given course in order to receive credit. If a student misses more than 10% of their days, they must participate in the Credit Recovery program to make up time for the absences over 10%. However, if a student misses over 25% of their class days, the student is ineligible to participate in the Credit Recovery Program. Failure to participate in the Credit Recovery Program or being ineligible to do so will result in a loss of credit/NG (No Grade) in that class.

    Students are responsible for keeping track of their own attendance throughout the semester and making sure that they don't end up missing over 10% of their total class days by the end of the semester. Every attendance committee meeting, conservatory directors will be given a list of their students' attendance to aid in counseling them about their attendance. Students and parents can use parent portal or request an attendance report clicking the link https://forms.gle/SzBwFdKorxDa1g846.

    The attendance committee will, based on a filled out and submitted Attendance Appeals Document, review a request to waive absences according to state Law.  Usually used, with students who are absent due to extended illnesses and other extenuating circumstances.

    In the event the student is aware they will be missing school for more than three consecutive days student is to fill out a PRE-APPROVED ABSENCE REQUEST form, and it be approved by a school administrator. Form must be submitted at least one week prior to the absence.

    Parents should contact the Counseling Office, for homework assignments if a student has an extended absence. Individual teachers may also be contacted https://www.dallasisd.org/domain/6114; often additional assignment information may be found on individual teacher class pages. 

    BTWHSPVA is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during school hours. In the event that student will have to leave the following is needed for proper release.

    Missing School for College Visits

    Juniors and seniors get 2 days a year for college visits. These days are exempt from the Texas state attendance law meaning they are given an "L" and not an "E" (meaning excused and still count toward the days for credit).

    After you have used your 2 days per year, your absence will be given an "E" (for Excused), if you bring documentation saying where you have been, and it will count toward compulsory attendance. The college admissions office can provide you with paperwork striving that you were there. If you can't get something like that, fliers or other documentation signed by a school official can be used. See Ms. Stephens in the attendance office if you have further questions on that.



    All students arriving after 9:00 a.m., must sign in at the Attendance Office.  Students arriving with an official note (doctor’s note, court note, college note, etc.) will receive an Admit To Class. (see Attendance Policies for details) Parent notes are not accepted during the tardy time (9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.)  to excuse an absence due to illness.  Students can request to meet with their Assistant Principal to review exceptions.


    If your student needs to be released during the school day, please email the Attendance Office a handwritten note along with a copy of your driver’s license prior to the time they need to leave. Also, if the student will be driving please be sure to state this information in your written notice. This is to ensure that we have time to locate them and issue a pass.  Students must have a pass to leave campus during the school day.  Students leaving campus without a pass will be reported to their Assistant Principal.

    Hand written notification must include students Legal Name, time of departure and reason for leaving along with the Parent/Legal Guardian driver license copy. All notice should have the date a parent/legal guardian signature. If you have any question please contact Attendance Office at (972)925-1209.


    Students who become ill during the day must report to the Nurse’s office.  It is an unexcused absence to leave for illness without going through the nurse.  Students may not call or text parents to go home if they are not feeling well. 


    When your student is absent, while we appreciate a telephone call, we must receive a written note or email from a parent/guardian for the absence to be excused.   If your student went to a health care professional, court appearance, immigration appointment, college visit, etc., valid documentation is required.  Documentation for all absences is required within three (3) days of returning to school. 

    ◦Notes regarding absences can be delivered to the Attendance Office, faxed to (972)925-1201 or emailed to BTWattendance@dallasisd.org.

    ◦Make-up work/tests will be permitted for excused absences only.   Students have one day (1) to make up work for each day of absence.  Students will not receive credit for work on any day designated as an unexcused absence.


    A student may be granted five (5) days (non-consecutive/consecutive) per school year for an obligation other than illnesses, medical appointments, funerals of immediate family members, and school-sponsored trips. Please note that these absences will count towards Loss of Credit and will not be granted during state-mandated assessments.   To submit a request for a pre-planned absence of three (3) or more days, complete a Pre-Planned Absence form and submit to the Attendance Office. 


    Juniors and Seniors are allowed two (2) college visits per school year by the State of Texas.  For a college visit to be allowed, we MUST receive a letter from the college, on their letterhead, that includes the student’s name, date of the visit and be signed by a college official.  


    A Verification of Enrollment (VOE) is required for any student taking Driver’s Education and/or applying for their driver’s license.  VOE’s are provided for students who are enrolled at BTWHSPVA with good attendance. Any student violating the 90% rule will be ineligible to receive a VOE. VOE’s may be requested from the attendance office 24 hours in advance. The student may come in and sign up for their VOE and pick it up afterschool the same day of requesting. VOE’s are only valid for 30 days, unless requested the last week of school.






    Students are required to sign a DISD Computer Policy Form which can be found in the DISD Student Code of Conduct and outlines their responsibilities for computer/internet use. These forms will be kept on file with their records. If a student violates the usage policy, then disciplinary action will be taken.

    New Cell Phone Policy