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    Talented and Gifted

    The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program is tailored to cater to academically gifted students by offering a specialized curriculum that focuses on enhancing their thinking abilities, research skills, performance, and fostering self-awareness to effectively address their educational needs.

    Our program in gifted education aims to provide interventions that accommodate students' thirst for learning and their desire for creative expression. Students will engage in a challenging and pertinent curriculum delivered within an innovative, adaptable, and supportive instructional setting.

    Our approach includes differentiated curricula, instructional techniques, and assessments, which are designed to:

    • Stimulate and challenge gifted students, encouraging them to expand their intellectual horizons.
    • Emphasize advanced, conceptually challenging, in-depth, distinctive, and complex content.
    • Tailor the learning experience to individual students' assessed levels and accelerated rates of learning.

    Through this approach, gifted students will evolve into analytical thinkers, adept creative contributors, and adept problem solvers. Additionally, they will develop and showcase personal confidence and a sense of personal responsibility.