• theatre  


    Jazmine Jones, Theatre Director


    The Vision of the K.B. Polk Theatre Program is to prepare students for acceptance at premier area performing arts high schools, like Booker T. Washington, through a broad, skills-based approach to theatre arts.

    Our theatre curriculum has two primary areas of focus: process and production. Production is the flashiest, most recognizable portion of a theatre arts education, encompassing short performances at PTA meetings, performing for fellow scholars, and larger shows at the end of each semester. The skills learned through the experience of putting together a production are invaluable and can only be mastered through real life experience. For this reason, opportunities to perform in productions are open to all students from 3rd grade and up.

    Process is the less glamorous, yet vitally important second piece of our program. The actor’s process helps prepare scholars to audition for a role, create a character, and ultimately be successful onstage. Scholars practice diction and breathing, imitation and physicality, memorization and presentation. Throughout the course of the year, scholars will learn and perform monologues, write short plays, design costumes and sets, direct scenes, make puppets, play theatre games, and even learn to juggle. Scholars are als0 exposed to various behind the scenes professions like director, playwright, designer, and technician.

    The K.B. Polk Theatre Program provides a safe, positive environment where students are encouraged to take chances and experiment with Theatre arts.