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    Visual Arts

    Audrey Hopkins, Art Teacher


    Visual Art follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) by grade level. These TEKS contain art history, the elements of art and the principles of design. In every class, I have a short lesson on the vocabulary or artist of the week. I teach the technique myself or use an additional video tutorial. We also view museums and art pieces using technology. The students use the remainder of class to create a piece of art using what they learned.

    My vision is to improve my practice and my lessons through continuous professional development. Dallas ISD and the Texas Art Education Association provides amazing professional development opportunities, and I attend the TAEA conference every year. I look forward to this conference, which inspires me to learn new lessons to pass on to my students.

    My vision for my students is to graduate from K.B. Polk being able to recognize famous prints, sculptures, and artists. I want them to know the visual art vocabulary and be able to describe art using intelligent vocabulary. Mostly, I want them to use the skills they developed to create masterpieces of their own.