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    Lafourn Martin, Music Director


    Music Conservatory Overview

    All music courses at K.B. Polk Center for Academically Talented and Gifted are designed to develop comprehensive musicianship, in partnership with other core disciplines, with a focus on musical literacy. All students have tremendous potential to learn and enjoy music. The Music Department at Polk helps students develop higher-order thinking skills and increase their desire to learn. Our driving goal is to empower students to use their minds more creatively by inspiring them to broaden their experiences and enrich their lives. At Polk, instrumental music is introduced at the elementary level and is also used as a method of teaching general music courses. The 4th & 5th grade curricular piano program allows students to transfer prior knowledge and skills to explore and develop their musicianship through performance on the piano. K.B. Polk has a piano lab on campus where students have an opportunity to practice daily. 

    All 6th through 8th grade instrumental music classes are elective courses that meet daily throughout the school year. For grading purposes, all music students are required to exhibit their musical knowledge through public performances and participation in district approved individual and large group assessment festivals. Piano and instrumental music provides students with individualized training in basic technique, musical notation, history, and culture. This course is designed to develop skills both individually and in small groups. Students will have the opportunity to explore a repertoire from different cultures and historical periods as they learn the basics of note reading and performance technique. A command of the basic elements of music is developed through exercises in composing and arranging.

    Piano Player

    More About Ms. Lafourn Martin

    Ms. Lafourn Martin is a Music Educator who has been teaching in Dallas Independent School District for two years. She was born and raised in the city and is also a product of DISD. She attended Prairie View A&M University where she graduated with her B.S. in Music and a Minor in Health. She is currently working to receive her Masters in Music Education from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. She is dedicated to serving her students and her school with a positive enforcement of education and music. She first became interested in helping others through music when she had an opportunity to shadow band directors in their respective programs and realized that they needed a lot of support and love. She understood what the power of Music Education did for her, so she wanted to plant that same seed in someone else. She is extremely hands-on, compassionate, energetic and active when it comes to her students and her team! She will never let anyone around her fail and will always pull the very best from everyone. She is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.