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    We Are K.B. Polk

    K.B. Polk Center for Academically Talented and Gifted was named in honor of Kossuth B. Polk.  Kossuth B. Polk was born in Lamar County, Texas, in 1878.  After graduating from high school in the northeast Texas town of Paris, Polk attended Prairie View College, where he graduated in 1898.  He also studied at Wiley College, Bishop College, and Southern Methodist University.  After working as a tailor, K.B. Polk moved to Dallas in 1916 at the age of 38 and followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a teacher.  He started his teaching career at Frederick Douglass School, teaching music and band for seven years.  Kossuth also taught band and music at J.P. Starks and B.F. Darrell schools in DISD before becoming principal at J.W. Ray Elementary School in 1939.  He served in that capacity for eight years until his death.

    In 1968, K.B. Polk became the first Talented and Gifted Vanguard in the Dallas Independent School District.   We have had the esteemed honor to provide TAG instruction for hundreds of scholars, many of whom have gone on to achieve noteworthy careers and play a vital role in our community.  After many years as a successful Talented and Gifted Vanguard, last year, Polk began its transition to a Fine Arts Vanguard, and we are excited about our expansion to PK-8 campus. 

    The K.B. Polk faculty and staff are committed to the growth and development of our community, and the success of every student. Parents are valuable partners in their children's educational journey at Polk and are encouraged to participate in school activities. As we continue on our journey to become the premier elementary school of choice in the Dallas Independent School District, our values ground our daily actions and lead to our success!