•  Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy

                                                                              Est. 2015 

    "Powering possibilities of future DFW Changemakers with Passion, Empathy, and Purpose." 




    Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy is a place for young innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives who are passionate about being a changemaker in the DFW. We incorporate design and entrepreneurial thinking into the high school experience while empowering students to explore their interests and discover their purpose. Through our programs, classes, and global experiences, students learn about the importance of social entrepreneurship, as a movement and as an opportunity to own their future. Students are exposed to active learning experiences, which gives them the opportunity to use social innovation strategies to explore, launch, and scale their own social venture. Students develop prototypes and service startups to gain investment funds from venture capitalists in shark tank-style pitch events all while completing a rigorous educational program that prepares them for post-secondary success.