• Attendance for Credit

    Directions for parents regarding Atendance for Credit


    According to Texas State Law, each student must be in attendance 90 percent of the days the class is offered.

    Absences received beginning on Oct. 12th and so forth will count towards our Principal Plan and loss of credit.

    For more questions regarding your student's attendance, eamil our Attendance Offict at btwattendance@dallasisd.org

    Remember Attendance Matters!

    The final deadline for students on a Principal's Plan to complete their required Seat Time is May 27h, 2022.


    If your student is on the Principal's Plan and have not completed the required Seat Time hours, your student will be denied course credit, even if they have passed the class.


    Attendance for Credit Cheat Sheet


    How many absences makes you at risk of losing credit?

    9 absences (excused and un-excused)

    How many hours do I need to make-up?

          Fall Semester                                                                        Spring Semester

    9-11 absences= 2 hours                                                             9-12 absences=2 hours

    12-14 absences=3 hours                                                          13-15 absences= 3 hours

    15-17 absences=3 hours                                                          16-18 absences=5 hours

    18-21 absences= 7 hours                                                         19-22 absences= 7 hours

    22+ absences= 9 hours with approved petition        23+ absences= 9 hours with approved petition


    Attendance for Credit Petition Form


    What absences count towards AFC?




    What absences do not count towards AFC?

    H= Healthcare

    S= School Functions

    How do I document my hours?

    Sign in and out on the Seat Time Log.


    Seat Time Log


    Once you have completed your hours email your completed seat time log with your work attached to btwattendance@dallasisd.org or you can physically turn into the attendance office.