• Covid-19 Leaves Information

    Information for employee’s who are too sick to work due to Covid-19 symptoms

    Employees have these options if they need to take a leave from work.

    Emergency Paid Sick Leave

    In order to relieve some of the financial burden for employees impacted by COVID-19, the district has established the Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) to pay 80 hours or 10 days for employees who are COVID-positive. This leave will be administered in conjunction with a Family Medical Leave (FML) or General Medical Leave. At the end of the first 10 days of leave, the employee will continue on leave in an unpaid status unless sufficient PTO is available to cover the leave absences [See DEC REGULATION].

    Vaccine Leave

    An employee may be eligible for up to four hours of paid leave per vaccination dose for absences due to the COVID-19 vaccination process. Time will not be deducted from the employee’s paid time off [See DEC REGULATION].

    How do I apply for a leave?

    Employees may apply for a leave of absence, including the EPSL, by calling 972-925-4000. For more information, employees may contact the Benefits Department at 972-925-4300 or email Benefits@Dallasisd.org.