• Covid-19 Quarantine

    Quarantine Status Information for employees who have come in close contact with someone with Covid-19

    With the COVID level status change from orange to red, and the increase in COVID positive cases, we must remain diligent in our efforts to keep our employees and their families healthy and well. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID or are exhibiting symptoms, we encourage you to be tested. Remember, close contact is defined as less than six feet for a 15-minute or longer exposure to someone who is COVID positive.

    Vaccinated employees: Per COVID safety guidelines, vaccinated employees may not be required to quarantine. If you have been vaccinated and are not exhibiting symptoms, you may return to work as usual.

    Unvaccinated employees may be required to quarantine for up to five calendar days. You must report close contact exposure to Health Services by completing the contact tracing form. Employees who are directed by Health Services to quarantine must remain at home for the specified time period. Absences will be deducted from the employee’s personal Time Off (PTO) balance for each day the employee is on quarantine status. Quarantine is a non-working, unpaid status. Employees may not work from home while they are in quarantine.

    How do you return to work after being out on quarantine?

    • A person who has a positive COVID-19 test will need to isolate for at least five days (these days will be covered by EPSL with proof of test). If you are fever free for 24 hours prior and symptoms are improving, you will return to work on day six. If not, you will need to contact Employee Benefits to discuss other options for leave. 
    • A negative COVID test is not needed to return to work.
    • The CDC recommends that you take precautions and wear a mask for 10 full days after your symptoms began or from the date your COVID positive test was taken.

    What if I test positive for COVID while on quarantine?

    As previously mentioned, if you test positive, you may be eligible for Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL). For more information, visit the Leaves page.

    If any employee has any questions on EPSL or any other leave options, please reach out to benefits@dallasisd.org or call (972) 925-4300.