• Multi-age Classrooms

    Children learn in multiple-age classrooms:

    • 3-6 (Primary classroom)

    • 6-9 (Lower Elementary )

    • 9-12 (Upper Elementary)


    Daily Work

    • Learning environments provide uninterrupted 3-hour work cycles
    • Students work on their lessons at tables or rugs on the floor
    • After the teacher delivers lessons for the day, the students choose in what order to complete their lessons, where to work, and how long to work
    • Most instruction takes place in small-group formats


    Montessori Materials

    Montessori materials are available in every area of the classroom: Sensorial, Language, Math, Zoology, Botany, Geography, World Culture.

    The teacher prepares the environment for students by displaying the majority of materials on all shelves. Open concept, order, beauty, and simplicity, make the classroom look inviting for students eager to learn.


    Practical Life

    Practical Life is used in the primary classrooms. Students between 3-6 years old have the opportunity to pour, pick, string, polish, and are exposed to real life experiences. The children gain strong motor skills and accomplish life skills in a purposeful way.

    Dual Language in Montessori

    The Dual Language program gives your child an opportunity to learn how to speak, write, read, listen, and think in both Spanish and English. Gaining this skill set prepares students for greater career and professional options, as well as gives them a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

    In the Dual Language classroom, instruction is provided in Spanish and English. Students also learn and grow by interacting with their peers whose first language is Spanish and/or English.

    Strong Supportive Staff

    Our teachers are TEA certified.

    All staff is taking ongoing Montessori professional development.

    All teachers are Montessori certified or on the path to certification.

    We know that the single most important thing for your child is a dynamic, transformational, inspirational Montessori teacher, which is why it is our number one priority this Spring to hire the very best staff, who are vision and values aligned, to join our founding team in this critical year and in the future.