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    Welcome to the Spartan Visual & Performing Arts Department


    The Visual and Performing Arts department’s goals are to be supportive, visible, and accessible to the teaching and learning community of Samuell High School so that our students are empowered to engage and excel in Visual and Performing Arts courses.

    Department Goals:

    The Visual and Performing Arts Department will plan, coordinate, and implement programs in visual arts, dance, music, and theatre in order to ensure all students meet or exceed state requirements.

    Courses Offered: 


    • Pre-AP Studio Art

    • AP Design Studio

    • AP Drawing Studio

    •    Art I Dual Credit
    • Studio Art I  

    • Studio Art II

    • Studio Art III

    •   Ceramics Studio II


    • Dance Art I

    • Dance Art II

    • Dance Art III

    • Dance Art IV

    • Cheerleader/Drill Team


    • Theatre I-II

    • Theatre Production Ensemble I-II

    • Theatre Tech I


    • Music Appreciation I
    • Music Appreciation Dual Credit
    • Piano Forte I-II
    • Intermediate Winds & Percussion I
    • Varsity Winds & Percussion I-IV
    • Non-Varsity Winds & Percussion I-IV
    • Peer Assistance and Leadership I


    • Choir Non-Varsity Treble I-IV  

    • Choir Varsity Treble I-IV  

    • Choir Non-Varsity Tenor Bass I-IV  

    • Choir Varsity Tenor Bass I-IV