A Strategic Plan for Longfellow

  • Longfellow Career Explortation Academy is nearly some important milestones!  In 2022, the campus of Henry W. Longfellow school will turn 75 years old and in 2024, the Career Exploration Academy will hit 4 decades at this building.  These are exciting times for the campus to reflect on its long history of success as a neighborhood elementary school (1947-1983) and a magnet middle school for gifted students to explore their future paths (1984-Present).

    We're also excited that the Citizens of Dallas voted to approve the Dallas ISD 2020 Bond Program that will result in a new replacement campus to be built for our community.  The original Longfellow was an elementary school and while our families and faculties have always loved its small size and intimate setting in the Inwood/Lovers neighorhood, our adolescent students definitely are bigger than life here!  Building a new campus from scratch will allow a custom design to show off the decades of success of the Career Exploration Academy and give purpose built spaces for its unique post-secondary pathway exploration.

    To do all of this, however, we need to take a moment to capture the successes of our campus and imagine the future of Longfellow.  Welcome to the Strategic Planning process.

    Over the coming months, we'll reflect on what has worked so well, where we can challenge ourselves to grow, and set new goals and dreams for Longfellow.  The result will be a guiding document to drive the coming years of our Campus Improvement Plan, Campus Needs Assessment, operation models, hiring practices, recruiting of student and, yes, the design of our brand new campus facilities.

    Explore the overview of the process below and look to the menu to see updates on each of the steps as they become available.  We welcome all of the voices in our community to be a part of the process, so keep an eye out for opportunties to be surveyed, interviewed, and a part of the conversation!


    M. Scott Tatum, Principal