Dear Parent/Guardian:

    If your child test positive for COVID-19, it is required that your child isolate at home.

    Please have your child isolate at home for 5 days after symptoms first appeared. To ensure your child’s safety and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we recommend:

    1.Isolation EVERY DAY. This means your child MUST stay at home. Do not go to the store, shopping, to parties, to the park or any other places during the 5-day isolation. Again, please do not visit others in person during the 5-day required isolation period.

    2.Monitor your child’s health and seek medical attention for continued or increased symptoms of COVID-19.

    3.The child may return to school after the date above and all three of the criteria below are met:

    •24 hours have passed without fever or use of fever-reducing medication

    •Improved symptoms (cough, breathing problems)

    •5 days have passed since symptoms first appeared

    4.If the three criteria above have been met, a new doctor’s note of a negative test is not required to return tothe classroom.

    Dallas ISD is committed to protecting your child’s privacy and safety. We ask you to help us in meeting the federal and state guidelines for not discussing personal information with others. If you have questions, please call the school nurse and we will be glad to help or answer any concerns you may have.

    Please let us know any changes in this situation so we can work together for positive solutions and for the safety of our school community.