As a NAF student, you are one of more than 117,000 current students from 34 states plus DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands! When you graduate, you will be part of a national network full of fellow future-ready alumni at different stages in their career. You have access to tons of exclusive opportunities, including scholarships and preferential hiring at prestifious multinational companies. We are commited to help you prepare for a sucessful career and future, and we have resources to help you every step of the way. The promise of NAF doesn't end at high school graduation - IT"S JUST THE BEGINNING! 

    Benefits of Being a NAF student include:

    • Access to scholarhsip opportunites for undergraduate and graduate school

    • Curriculum developed with the help of industry leaders

    • Potential paid internship opportunites

    • Opportunities to network with business people

    • Mentorship opportunities with successful NAF alumni

    • Exclusive NAF networking and alumni events

      How to Join a NAF Academy

    • Contact your school if you are interested in joining a NAF academy

    • There is no cost to the student or guardian(s) to join a NAF academy

      Learn More: Go to naf.org

      *NAF Academy classes are during the school day schedule *

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