• E-Sports


  • Meeting Times & Location

    Meeting Times will vary by Schedule of Events


    Mission, Vision, Goals:

    • The Bryan Adams E-sports team is dedicated to giving players a time and a place to get better at gaming and to compete against players across the state of Texas. We focus on a holistic approach to Esports that includes practice, analysis, physical conditioning, nutrition, and mental health. The E-sports team fields players in a wide array of games including: 
      • Super Smash Brother Ultimate (Switch)
      • Overwatch (PC)
      • League of Legends (PC)
      • Rocket League (Cross Platform)
      • Fortnite (Cross Platform)
      • NBA2K (Xbox)
      • More games to be announced in 2021-22


    • Our vision is to be a model E-Sports program for DISD.


    • Our Goals:
      • Win 1st Place in all DISD tournament Events
      • Develop skills for streaming
  • TBD

  • Sponsor

    Jose Delgado


    Room #1011

    Jacbo Stehsel


    Room #155



    Sam Nevarez - Smash Ultimate

    Javien Tlatoa - Rocket League

    Sean Molina - Overwatch/Fortnite

    TBD - League of Legends


    Team Manager:




    Must be a current student of BA.


    More Info

    All skill levels welcomed

    Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 to be considered active and in good standing.