• Dungeons and Dragons

  • About DnD

    Dungeons and Dragons is a table top role playing game in which players create characters in a fantasy world and go on adventures through cooperative storytelling. A dungeon master creates the adventures and drives the story as each player describes their character and the actions they are taking. Throughout, characters are tested and their skills and dice (d20) are used to determine the outcomes of taken actions. Will fate be on your side?


    Meeting Times & Location

    We meet every Friday during B.A - Con from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the Library.


    Mission, Vision, Goals:

    • The DnD Adventures Guild provides an opportunity for new players and experiences players to enjoy Table Top RPGs such as DnD. Through storytelling, adventuring, and commraderie we explore the worlds of our imagination and venture to glory. What's your drive?


    • The vision of the DnD club is to create an inclusive environment where players can adventure together and grow in their abilities in and out of game. We want others to see us playing and want to join.


    • Our goals:
      • Find 2-3 Dungeon Masters
      • Host a campaign
      • Host a large group event


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    Jose Delgado


    Room #1011