• Happy Summer!


    AP United States Government and Politics, fondly known as AP GoPo, does NOT have a summer assignment. However, students are encouraged to purchase the AMSCO United States Government and Politics (Advanced Placement Edition) text for use in our class, and it can be helpful to order it ahead of time, as sometimes they go on back-order in the Fall. The 3rd Edition (burgundy and white cover with a large check-mark) has just come out and is the preferred version.


    The school owns several copies of the 2nd Edition (purple cover with the Supreme Court building), which can definitely be checked out in the fall and used for class (at no cost), but most students prefer having the newest version and being able to mark on their personal copy.


    The book is available from the publisher, Perfection Learning, here: 


    There are options to purchase the interactive eBook, Soft-cover Text, or both, ranging from $19.95-25.95. Be sure to choose the “Student Edition Softcover” or “Student Edition Bundle” to make sure you have the physical text, not just the electronic version. This text is also available on Amazon, but prices and shipping times there tend to go up as we get closer to the school year.