• Physical (Social) Distancing

    School-wide Requirements
    With the excitement of staff, students, and families on returning to school, the recommended guidelines on social distancing will need to be followed. These guidelines of 3-feet of social distancing, 6-feet where possible, will allow all campus stakeholders to interact in the safest manner possible.

    Campus Visitors
    Campus visitors, including parents, guardians, community service groups, and volunteers will be allowed on campuses. Principals should monitor the amount of visitor traffic in their schools. All visitors who enter the building should follow self-screening protocols prior to visiting a school. All visitors must follow the safety protocols in place, including social distancing. Wearing a mask is required.

    Lobby/Common Areas
    Within the lobby or common areas, there should be no gathering of people. Barriers/safe zones will be established around the front desk/receiving areas. Spaces will be established to achieve physical distancing. This will include the removal of seats and the closure of lounges within open areas, and the use of spacing tables.

    Water Fountains
    Water fountains will be on in buildings while adhering to a strict cleaning schedule. Students may be allowed to bring a reusable water bottle for use throughout the day and then take home for cleaning.

    Physical Distancing
    The CDC has identified social (physical) distancing as a strategy in the containment of COVID-19. Current CDC guidelines recommend social distancing of at least three feet, with six feet social distancing where possible.

    Seating Charts
    All teachers at all levels are required to have a seating chart and maintain any changes. This will allow the identification and notification of students in the event of a positive case.

    Physical Education
    The extracurricular and co-curricular physical activities of the district’s Physical Education Department will follow the guidelines established by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) and safety measures will reflect national, state and local guidance or recommendations.