• Pants, Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts, Capri Pants

    Pants, Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts And Capri Pants
    • "Finger-tip length" or longer
    Acceptable Materials
      • cotton
      • polyester
      • linen
      • twill
      • corduroy
      • canvas
    • solid khaki
    • solid navy
    • solid black

    Shirts, Blouses

    • must have sleeves- can be long or short sleeves
    • straight, button-down, turtleneck collar, or polo-style
    • tucked into pants or skirt
    • white or navy


    • athletic shoes 
    • rubber-soled loafers
    • must be closed-toe

    Cardigans and Sweaters

    • must be worn over an approved shirt
    • solid khaki
    • solid navy
    • solid black
    • solid white


    All jackets must be appropriately sized and worn over an approved school uniform shirt. Jackets containing offensive slogans, symbols, and other suggestive or controversial designs are not allowed. All District-issued school jackets are permitted.

    Students can wear a hoodie to school, however, it is prohibited to wear the hood over the head during the school day.


    Friday Spirit Wear!

    On Fridays, students can wear a Rogers spirit shirt with jeans! If you would like to purchase a spirit shirt, please contact the front office! Until 23-24 Spirit Shirts are available, students may wear a previous year's shirt or a blue/yellow shirt.


    College Shirt Days!

    There will be designated College Shirt Days each month (communicated on ClassDojo and in the Newsletter). On these days, students may wear a college shirt of their choice with uniform bottoms or jeans.