• In 2016, Dallas Independent School District’s Board of Trustees adopted District goals that prioritize measurable improvement of student outcomes. While this work relies heavily on the dedication and performance of the District’s instructional leaders and staff, the District’s librarians/media specialists play a crucial role in reaching these goals by supporting the work of our teachers and school leaders and working directly with students, families, and the community to further our mission of  “Educating all students for success.

     To advance student achievement in Dallas ISD, each of the District’s 22,000 employees must be working toward a shared vision, focusing on the same outcomes, and striving for excellence. The Dallas ISD Librarian Appraisal (DLA) tool is designed to grow Dallas ISD librarians toward the exemplary performance that our students deserve. DLA is the approved appraisal instrument for campus administrators to complete librarians’ annual performance appraisal, as dictated per district board policy.