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    Counseling Services supports counselors and administrators in implementing high quality counseling programs that promote student achievement. School counselors are proactive educators who facilitate the positive academic, career, personal/social and emotional development of students and provide interventions which remove barriers to learning. The counseling department expects equitable and accessible services for all students and families.


    Administrative/Consultative Services:

    Assist principals/administrator with the counselor appraisal process

    Provide support, training, and direction to counselors

    Conduct Spot Observation for School Counselors 

    Higher Education Initiatives

    Assist counselors in developing a college-going culture in the school

    Conduct Senior Records Review for accuracy

    Provide specific training on graduation requirements, dual credit, AP

    Advanced Measures, course planner, etc. 

    Coordinate District-wide Events/Initiatives: 

    District-wide College Fair

    Texas Scholars College Fair

    Own the Turf – College Career Conference

    Student Handbook

    Anti-Bullying Prevention Program

    Crisis Intervention Services:

    Respond to crises as requested

    Assure training on bullying, internet safety, suicide and violence risk assessment and the reporting process

    Help counselors access resources and services for students and families

    Counseling Program Development Services

    Provide resources to monitor the progress of students who are at risk

    Provide guidance lessons to ensure that the state mandates are provided for all students

    Promote positive relations with the community concerning counselor efforts