•       What is RevTrak?
    RevTrak is a Web Store hosted online payment center that provides a convenient way for parents, grandparents, donors, and employees to make online payments for various fee categories including donations, field trips, goods and services at schools, and cost centers in our District.
     The RevTrak Web Store makes payments easier for schools and staff. Parents don’t need help with payments because it’s so easy for them to pay online. Aside from not having to walk parents through the payment process, your staff saves countless hours through automation with RevTrak, and staff members don’t need to worry about a difficult or speedy implementation. 
                Why RevTrak is Right for your Campus 

    Going Cashless & Paperless

    By using the RevTrak online payment system for schools, you can easily accept any student fee including meals, fundraisers, technology fees, athletics, and more. You can even assign specific fees to students. 

    Easy Reconciliation

    RevTrak cuts the reconciliation process for all fees down to 10 minutes or less.

    Cut Down on Calls to the Office

    Allow families to self-serve by paying online through our Web Store. Free up staff by reducing time-consuming calls and emails to the office

    Simplify Payments for Parents

    Let parents easily pay for spirit wear, child care, lunch, activity fees, and more from one central location.


                                   To begin accepting RevTrak payments on your campus, complete and submit your user access request form by clicking the "Request User Access" link below. Once you have received a confirmation via email of your access, you will need to set up your store. Click on the "ITEM REQUEST form" below, complete all fields and return the completed form to fasc@dallasisd.org for review and approval.  


    To log into RevTrak, Click the RevTrak Portal Below:


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