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    Dallas ISD Employees-Tutor Corps. & Supplemental

    1.   Clock in and clock out utilizing the Biometric clock.  If, for some reason, you are unable to clock in/out, you must complete a supplemental  attendance formThis may delay payment.

    2.  You must complete the documentation requirements for tutoring.  This includes:

        • Teacher lesson plan must be dated for week of tutoring.
        • Students' first and last names must be written in the first column.  They are to sign the day they tutor.  Please make sure that the student signs in the row their names are written.
        • Lesson Objective/Activity must be documented and match submitted student work.
            • Name of student, student ID# and date must be visible.
            • Must be for students listed on the Attendance Form for associated day/week.  Should be different students as applicable.

    3.  Review ALL documentation for accuracy before uploading to Google Drive.  Documentation must be uploaded weekly in order to ensure timely processing.

    • Name your weekly documentation using the following naming convention:       Tutor's Name and week of tutoring (i.e. MCedeno11.8-11.12)

    4.  You will upload your documentation via Google Drive to the campus folder shared with you.  Locate the correct week/month folder to upload your weekly documentation.

    5.  If you have any questions, please contact your coordinator in the Office of Tutoring Services. (List of OTS Coordinators).