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    Principal: Dr. Roberto Gonzalez

    Grade Levels: PK-3, PK-4, Kinder, 1st, and 2nd (adding a grade level each year until it is a PK-8). 

    Trustee District: District 8, Joe Carreon

    School Division/Feeder Pattern: Single Gender & Transformation Cluster

    Executive Director: Dr. Jameile Choice

    Welcome to the Biomedical Preparatory at UTSW, where we will nurture the next generation of scientists who will solve the problems our society may encounter in the future.

    Our school vision is that all students will become passionate, curious, innovative thinkers who can find solutions to problems through research and discovery. With that in mind, we offer a curriculum based on STEM education and biomedical science enriched with social and emotional practices. We are reimagining how we prepare our students to step into a world that is constantly evolving in medicine and technology. By doing so, we are changing the narrative, offering a different, more dynamic approach to education that benefits all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, and staff.

    This Dallas ISD choice school will be a place to expand knowledge and develop STEM-based skills through classroom learning and real-world experiences. Our goal is to create an environment that nurtures those opportunities. We hope our students and future leaders take advantage of these options to develop the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields.

    In collaboration with UTSW, I look forward to serving you and your children this school year.