• This year, SEL Student Ambassadors in middle and high school will have the opportunity to participate in a series of four SEL Student Leadership summits. The 2021-22 series will teach students how to lead a campus-wide project using principles of Design Thinking to plan and execute campus-wide practices that promote greater self-efficiency. This experience is designed to foster student leadership that will ultimately support the entire student population of each participating campus, provide student leadership opportunities, and support overall SEL implementation on participating campuses using the theme “I dream a world…”.


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Session Details:

  • December 3, 2021

    Session 1: The Story of Me 

    Students have a chance to ‘meet’ their facilitators, connect with their campus teams, and begin crafting pieces of their own ‘educational story’. 


    January 7, 2022

    Session 2: The Story of You

    Students reconnect with their campus teams, practice soliciting stories, and make plans to facilitate story gathering between sessions. As well as sifting through the data to elicit patterns/trends.


    March 4, 2022

    Session 3: The Story of Us

    Students bring their story artifacts and analyze/synthesize key takeaways.


    May 6, 2022

    Session 4: The Story of Now

    Students present their story artifacts to a campus-based leadership team. 


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