• GreenLight Student Transcript App for Current Students

    It's time to apply to colleges and for internships, apprenticeships and employment! Your child has a huge opportunity to send their transcript to colleges and employers anywhere in the country, for free.

    Dallas Independent School District has partnered with GreenLight Credentials to provide our students with instant access to their transcripts and other academic credentials!

    What Does This Mean for You?

    Whether your child needs to send an official transcript electronically or print an unofficial copy for their own records, they will be able to request and access their official transcript from GreenLightLocker.com instantly, and from anywhere (as long as they have an internet connection).

    GreenLight is the world’s largest academic record blockchain platform with over 1.7 m students. Their records are securely stored in their Academic Locker they can access via the web or app. Over 500 colleges nationwide have already received transcripts from students via GreenLight Credentials.

    We are working with Texas ISDs, community colleges, four-year colleges & universities, and workforce leaders to transform the college application process and to match job seekers with employer needs.


    For more information please  use this link: Green Light Student Transcript - Dallas ISD