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    Among large urban districts, Dallas ISD has the second largest percentage of students identified as low income, yet our children are rich in enthusiasm for learning, and we need your support to help them succeed. Our donors generously contribute goods, services, and/or funding to the district or at the school level.

    Dallas ISD is grateful for community support and accepts contributions year-round. Financial and material donations are eligible for federal income, estate and gift tax deductions  to the extent allowed by law. Appropriate documentation can be provided upon request.

    Below is a short list of common donations made to our schools that can always find a home:

    • Transportation costs for competitions and field trips
    • Museum or event entrance or competition fees
    • Teacher and student supplies and materials
    • Uniform pants, shirts, socks, and belts
    • Coats, gloves, and hats before winter months
    • Books for library, home, and classroom use 
    • Scholarships
    • Student and teacher incentives or awards
    • Your time is most valuable - Sign up to volunteer today!
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