Bio intro
    • Welcome to Biology! Science can be fun and I am here to prove that! I hope you all had a great summer and are rested and ready to jump into some Biology!
      My Schedule:

      (9th Period)- High School Advisory [Google Class Code: 3bqz76z]

      1st Period-    Girls Athletics [Google class code:moogw57]

      2nd Period-  A.P. Biology [Google class code: nggmplc]
      3rd Period-   Honors Biology [Google Class Code: 5guybsc]

      4th Period-   Planning Period  


      (9th Period)- High School Advisory [Google Class Code:3bqz76z]

      5th Period-   Girls Athletics [Google class code: 6linbg5]

      6th Period-   Honors Biology [Google class code: u2vqufs] 

      7th Period-   Conference Period   

      8th Period-   Honors Biology [Google class code: 7m73mta]

      *****Always make sure that you are logged in to Google Classroom with your student credentials: and your password.***

       All tutorials are scheduled by appointment. Please email me to set up a time.