• School-based Services

    Mental health services provided in schools:

    • Individual/Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
    • Behavior Support & Intervention
    • Case Management
    • Staff Consultation
    • Crisis Intervention
  • Clinic-based Services

    Thirteen (13) Youth & Family Centers are located around the district that provide the following services:

    • Individual / Family Counseling & Psychotherapy
    • Parent Education & Workshops
    • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management
    • Physical Health Services provided by our medical partners (HHM Health, Foremost Family Health Center, and Los Barrios Unidos)
  • Alcohol and Drug Intervention

    The Dallas ISD Alcohol and Drug program provides in and out-of-district resources for students in need of intervention support for substance use.


  • Wraparound Services

    We connect students and families to critical district and community resources to improve school performance and engagement.

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