• The Marcus Coat of Arms combines the crests of each of the 5 houses: Audax, Erudito, Vezetes, Creativo, and Synergy.

    Marcus Leadership Academy's House System

    Inspired by Hogwarts and the Ron Clark Academy, Marcus instituted the House system in the fall of 2018.  Each student and staff member is sorted into one of 5 houses.  Each house represents one of the 5 core values we want to grow in our students: leadership, knowledge, confidence, creativity, and synergyThe House System encourages camaraderie and rivalry while creating opportunities for students to earn points each day as they exhibit the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.

    When a student earns a point, it is combined with all other students' points within their house.  The house with the most total points at the end of the year is awarded the House Cup in an end-of-year ceremony.

    Every Monday is House Spirit Day at Marcus and students and staff celebrate their house by dressing in their house's color.

    Get to know the Houses

    Erudito's crest showing a red Mustang

    House of Erudito (Red) - Knowledge

    The Crest of Audax showing a blue eagle

    House of Audax (blue) - Confidence

    Crest of Synergy showing a purple horned frog

    House of Synergy (purple) - Teamwork

    Crest of Creativo showing a green bear

    House of Creativo (green) - Innovation

    Crest of Vezetes showing an orange longhorn

    House of Vezetes (orange) - Leadership