Vendor Background Screening

  • All contracted employees/vendors who will have continuing duties (more than one day) related to contracted services and the duties will be performed on an occupied and/or unoccupied District site, are subject to a national background check review prior to engaging in work for the District.

    Requirements for School District Contractors

    District Staff and vendors must give written notice to the Procurement Department via email (Supplier Finger Printing E-mail) within three (3) business days when one or multiple of the following conditions occur:

    • A contracted employee's contract has ended
    • A contracted employee separated from the awarded vendor
    • A contracted employee is no longer providing services to the District

    The vendor must provide the contractor’s full name, DOB, and return all District property issued to the contracted employee, including Dallas ISD badges to 9400 N. Central Expressway, suite 201.

    Criminal Background Checks/Searches

    Texas Education Code (TEC) 22.0834 and 22.08341 states that a contractor that provides services to a school district or charter school must be fingerprinted before beginning work, if the contractor 1) will have continuing duties related to the contracted services, and 2) will have the opportunity for direct contact with students. Additionally, the law requires that a contractor certify to a school district or charter school that it has received all criminal history information for its employees who provide services to the school. Pursuant to 22.08341(c), the requirement does not apply to a contractor that performs construction, alteration, or repair of an instructional facility if the contractor uses separate sanitary facilities, installs a barrier fence, and has a policy that employees may not interact with students or enter areas used by students. Schools may fingerprint a contractor and/or contractor's employees using the Local Education Entity (LEE) Fast Pass option. The contractor shall agree to have individuals printed with the LEE pass, and also create subscriptions in the DPS FACT Clearinghouse under the authority of TGC 411.097/Public Law 92-544. The contractor, however, will not be able to view the results through the DPS Clearinghouse. The contractor shall bear the burden and cost of the contractor obtaining a national, fingerprint-based criminal history check. A contractor or sub-contractor may not work on District property or any location the District deems a place where students are regularly present when: A) They have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, as defined by Texas law. B) They have charges pending, they have been convicted, received probation, or deferred adjudication of any of the following: 1. Any offense against a child 2. Any sex offense 3. Any felony offense involving controlled substances 4. Any felony offense against property 5. Any other offense the District, in its sole discretion, believes might compromise the safety of student, staff, property, or reputation of the District by the employment of the contractor. A vendor's violation of this section shall constitute substantial failure.

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