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    Welcome to Sunset P-TECH ECHS!!  You have made an excellent choice.  In August you will begin working on your goal of obtaining your associates degree while completing your high school diploma and becoming career ready.  We want you to stay informed and prepare for the upcoming school year.  I am your Workplace Learning Coordinator and my job is to prepare you for your career choice.  You will have opportunities to meet great leaders, engage in activities that will educate you on your career, and prepare for internships.  I have several tasks that need to be completed before you return to school.  Don't worry, they are not hard, lol.  
    Step One:
    Please make sure you have made your pathway selection.  Please use your district Google account when accessing Google Forms and Google Classroom.  If you do not have a student id#, you will not be able to access it just yet.  If you were in the district last year you will use your student id# at stumail.org. 
    Step Two: 
    Please join the Workplace Learning REMIND. The main purpose of this REMIND is to be connected to Workplace Learning opportunities such as volunteer opportunities as well as internships or job alerts.   There will not be daily announcements on this REMIND but is one of your requirements. 
    Step Three:
    Join the WPL Google Classroom:
    This is another form of communication for scholarship posts, internship/job opportunities etc. This Google Classroom is everything Workplace Learning.  I will post some interesting videos this summer to just start acclimating you to the P-TECH way.  
    Step Four: 
     One of the things we want to do is add a picture of each student to our files.  Once you have joined the Google Classroom, you will see an assignment to add a picture of yourself.  Please make sure they are P-TECH appropriate.  Preferably a headshot.  You take it on your phone with no one in the picture with you.  In the assignment I included an example of good headshots and how to complete the task.  I can't wait to see your results.  Attach the photo to the assignment. 
    How to take your own headshot:
    REMEMBER parents, this is the students' tasks. That is how we start building independence, leadership and responsibility in the students.  So please gently remind them, but let them complete the tasks.  Believe me, it will payoff in the end.    
    Example of a Professional Headshot:
    Prof headshot
    Selfie vs Headshot Example:

    Student Uniform/Dress Code Guidelines

    Students of the Sunset P-TECH Early College High School will wear designated uniforms for the 2022-2023 school year.  The uniform guidelines are as follows:

     9th Grade Uniform Policy

    • Mondays - Purple P-TECH Polo Shirt w/Khaki, Blue or Black Bottoms


    • Tuesdays – Lavender P-TECH Oxford Shirt w/Khaki, Blue or Black Bottoms. Young men will also wear their P-TECH Collegiate Academy tie.


    • Wednesdays – Free Dress Day with school-appropriate clothing.


    • Thursdays – P-TECH Khaki College Partners T-shirt w/ School Appropriate Bottoms (which may include Jeans)


    • Fridays - P-TECH Purple T-shirt w/Jeans.


    Uniform Purchase Instructions:

    The uniform tops must be ordered and purchased online through our vendor, OneWay Enterprises, at  http://ordersunset.org/  
    All ordered and purchased uniform items are expected to be ready for pickup on August 10, 2022.  We will communicate with you, via email, regarding the pickup location and times.
    If you have any questions about the Uniform Package, Accessories, Ordering and Purchasing Processes, please contact Ms. Cole at OneWay Enterprises by email at 1waypromos@gmail.com and/or by phone at 469.619.7881.  PLEASE ALLOW THEM 24 HOURS TO RETURN YOUR EMAIL and/or CALL.
    Please be reminded that your uniform dress code bottoms (black, khaki, blue pants, shorts, skirts and jeans) are to be purchased on your own.
    If you have any questions regarding the Sunset P-TECH Dress Code Guidelines, please contact us at raspencer@dallasisd.org.  Thank you.

    Below is the Sunset P-TECH General School Supplies List. These items will be needed for all classes.  After the first few days of school, teachers in specific classes may request students to provide other items that are just specific to those classes.  If so, the teachers will notify students when those items are due.

    General School Supply List for 2022-2023

    • 1 – Clear or Mesh Back Pack
    • 1 - 32G Flash Drive
    • 2 – 150 count Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
    • 24 - Blue/Black Ink Pens
    • 12 – Red Ink Pens
    • 24 - # 2 Pencils
    • 2 – Portable Pencil Sharpeners
    • 2 - 4 Pack Highlighters (Assorted Colors preferred)
    • 1 – 4 Pack Dry Erase Board Marker w/ Eraser
    • 1 - Pencil Pouch/Case or Supply Container
    • 8 – 100 count Spiral Notebooks (1 for each class that you have)
    • 8 – 2 Pocket Folders (1 for each class that you have)
    • 1 – 2.5 or 3 inch Binder
    1. These are the general school supplies you will need for your classes this year.
    2. You will keep these supplies with you during the school year and will use them daily as needed.
    3. Please be sure to label all of your supplies with your name and any other identification information you choose (i.e. grade level, etc.)
    4. You will need to have your backpack, 1 pack of Loose Leaf Notebook Paper, 2 blue/black ink pens, 2 pencils, 1 portable pencil sharpener, 1 pencil pouch/case, 8 spiral notebooks and 1 binder on the first day of school.


    Lista general de útiles escolares para 2022-2023

    • 1 – Mochila transparente o de malla
    • 1 unidad flash de 32 GB
    • 2 - 150 hojas sueltas de papel para cuaderno
    • 24 - Bolígrafos de tinta azul/negra
    • 12 – Bolígrafos de tinta roja
    • 24 - Lápices # 2
    • 2 – Sacapuntas portátiles
    • Paquete de 2 a 4 resaltadores (se prefieren colores variados)
    • 1 – Paquete de 4 marcadores de pizarra de borrado en seco con borrador
    • 1 - Estuche/estuche para lápices o contenedor de suministros
    • 8 – 100 cuadernos de espiral (1 para cada clase que tenga)
    • 8 – 2 carpetas de bolsillo (1 para cada clase que tengas)
    • Carpeta de 1 – 2,5 o 3 pulgadas
    1. Estos son los útiles escolares generales que necesitarás para tus clases este año.
    2. Mantendrá estos suministros con usted durante el año escolar y los usará diariamente según sea necesario.
    3. Asegúrese de etiquetar todos sus suministros con su nombre y cualquier otra información de identificación que elija (es decir, nivel de grado, etc.)
    4. 4. Necesitará tener su mochila, 1 paquete de papel de cuaderno de hojas sueltas, 2 bolígrafos de tinta azul/negra, 2 lápices, 1 sacapuntas portátil, 1 estuche/estuche para lápices, 8 cuadernos de espiral y 1 carpeta el primer día. de la escuela.


    To assist you, we are providing a few links to community events in the City of Dallas where students may receive some school supplies for free.  Please be sure to read the details and follow the time-sensitive process as given.


    Para ayudarlo, proporcionamos algunos enlaces a eventos comunitarios en la ciudad de Dallas donde los estudiantes pueden recibir algunos útiles escolares de forma gratuita. Asegúrese de leer los detalles y seguir el proceso urgente como se indica.


    Dallas ISD/Sunset High School - School Hours
    Please see the information below regarding the Dallas ISD School Hours for all high schools, including Sunset High School.  Please note that classes actually begin at 9:10 am, so students will need to be seated in their classes by 9:10 am.  
    Therefore, students will need to report to the Sunset High School Campus by 8:45 am each morning in order to have time to go through the security protocols at the entrance doors, take care of any personal needs they have, make their way to their class and be in their seat by 9:10 am.  
    Students WILL be marked tardy for their 1st class at Sunset High School after 9:10 am and may have consequences for that tardy.
    School Hours / Horas de escuela

    9:10 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

    • High Schools
    • Magnet Schools


    Dallas ISD/Sunset High School - Horario escolar
    Consulte la información a continuación sobre el horario escolar de Dallas ISD para todas las escuelas secundarias, incluida Sunset High School. Tenga en cuenta que las clases en realidad comienzan a las 9:10 am, por lo que los estudiantes deberán estar sentados en sus clases a las 9:10 am.
    Por lo tanto, los estudiantes deberán presentarse en el campus de Sunset High School a las 8:45 am cada mañana para tener tiempo de pasar por los protocolos de seguridad en las puertas de entrada, atender cualquier necesidad personal que tengan, dirigirse a su clase y estar en su asiento a las 9:10 am.
    Los estudiantes SERÁN marcados tarde para su primera clase en Sunset High School después de las 9:10 am y pueden tener consecuencias por esa tardanza.
    School Hours / Horas de escuela
    9:10 a. m. a 4:30 p. m.
    • Instituto
    • Escuelas Magnet
    Dallas ISD/Sunset High School School Calendar 2022-2023
    Please see the attached 2022-2023 school calendar for Dallas ISD/Sunset High School.  School officially begins on Monday, August 15, 2022.


    Dallas ISD/Sunset High School Calendario escolar 2022-2023
    Consulte el calendario escolar 2022-2023 adjunto para Dallas ISD/Sunset High School. La escuela comienza oficialmente el lunes 15 de agosto de 2022.

    Dallas ISD Immunization Requirements
    Please see the link below regarding the immunization requirements for students.  Please read the information completely and carefully.  All required immunizations should be documented.  

    Parent/Student Resources/Immunization Requirements
    Exemptions:. The law allows (a) physicians to write a statement that required immunizations would be medically harmful or detrimental to the health and welfare of the child or household member, and (b) parents/guardians may elect an exemption from the Immunization requirements for reasons of conscience, including religious belief.

    If your student needs immunizations, you can see your own doctor and/or you can see the link below for some additional resources.



    Requisitos de vacunación de Dallas ISD
    Consulte el enlace a continuación con respecto a los requisitos de vacunación para los estudiantes. Por favor, lea la información completa y cuidadosamente. Todas las vacunas requeridas deben estar documentadas.
    Recursos para padres/estudiantes/requisitos de vacunación
    Exenciones:. La ley permite que (a) los médicos escriban una declaración que establezca que las vacunas requeridas serían médicamente dañinas o perjudiciales para la salud y el bienestar del niño o miembro del hogar, y (b) los padres/tutores pueden elegir una exención de los requisitos de inmunizacion por motivos de conciencia, incluidas las creencias religiosas.
    Si su estudiante necesita vacunas, puede ver a su propio médico y/o puede ver el enlace a continuación para obtener algunos recursos adicionales:
    Esperamos que esta información le sea útil. Gracias.

    GREETINGS!!! We are now embarking on a new school year and it is vital we have a means of contacting you.  But before we get too busy, we need to ensure our records are accurate and we have a way of keeping everyone updated on upcoming decisions, changes and directions. Please complete the following information for our database by August 6th.