• Dallas ISD Comprehensive Safety Plan

  • Facilities

    Safety checks

    This summer, Emergency Management staff visited campuses to check if buildings could be accessed through unlocked doors or by using an unauthorized key. Additionally, anonymous team members made random visits to see if they were stopped by staff and escorted to the main office, which is the standard protocol. The results from these visits were used by the task forces as data points for their recommendations.

    Currently, Emergency Safety teams are inspecting every exterior door and lock at all campuses before school starts.

    By the end of August, all campuses will complete an additional review of building access, door locks, monitoring and surveillance systems, parking, cafeterias, referral resources and many other safety and intervention measures. All schools will also be required to schedule and conduct four safety drills by Sept. 15.

    In the past, the district conducted campus security checks once every three years, but following state requirements, those will now take place every year. Additionally, the state requires a weekly door check; however, Dallas ISD will inspect all outside doors twice a week.

    Metal detectors

    Most middle school and high school campuses have metal detectors. The district installed about 400 metal detectors in secondary schools during the past two years. The focus is now on installing them in multi-level schools where the middle school shares the building with an elementary school.

    Dallas ISD will also purchase 100 hand-held metal detector wands to distribute to elementary campuses that want to use them as an added security measure.

    Raptor system

    The Dallas ISD Police Department is working with schools and vendors to ensure that all Raptor systems are operational, and that staff is trained to use them properly. The Raptor system is an additional safeguard to properly check-in visitors and screens individuals against sex offender databases. As a standard protocol all visitors without a district badge must be cleared through Raptor to visit a campus.

    Safety enhancements

    One of the major goals of the 2020 bond program was to fund more than $100 million in safety and security improvements at all campuses, which included building security vestibules, adding security cameras, and installing card access systems in all the schools. This work is ongoing.

    In addition to facility upgrades, Dallas ISD will provide five iPads to every high school for the 2022-2023 school year to monitor surveillance and control access from any location in the school.

    Working with local law enforcement

    Dallas ISD Police works closely with the Dallas Police Department to enhance safety across the district by:

    • Conducting active shooter trainings with DPD and Dallas Fire Rescue
    • Ensuring communication interoperability with DPD and DFR
    • Monitoring emergency calls from schools through the Haystack System
    • Receiving notices from DPD when there is an incident within 0.5 miles of schools