• Dallas ISD Comprehensive Safety Plan

  • Staff

    Safety personnel

    Dallas ISD is enhancing student and staff safety by adding four more members to its Emergency Management team as well as transitioning hall monitors to trained security personnel as openings need to be filled.


    All nurses, reset center coordinators, counselors, clinicians, assistant principals, principals and school resource officers will be trained in the Threat Assessment Process. All school staff and substitutes will be trained on the district’s and specific campus safety procedures to ensure proper protocols are followed in case of an emergency.

    Additional training for staff on conflict de-escalation, use of metal detectors and other tools, and the anonymous reporting system are available for staff in Cornerstone and are expected to be made part of the annual mandatory training.

    Safety checks and drills

    Campus staff will be involved in conducting ongoing drills and checks. Additionally, they will participate in campus safety committees throughout the year.